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Relaxed driving at the km rate – without time pressure!

MILES for only 0,89€/km +1€ Unlock Fee, incl. fuel


1. Register for free

Download the app, register for free simply via app & get 5€ starter bonus with 'MILEShello5' 😎



VW Polo

from 0.89€/km
Daily rates from 35€/day


Berlin & Potsdam


We offer different types of vehicles: cars, electric cars, compact cars & vans. We are also at the BER airport - without extra costs!

☝️ The MILES Cities Berlin and Potsdam belong to one business area: You can drive from Berlin to Potsdam - or vice versa - and use the same fleet.

You can find our business area directly in the app.



We offer different types of vehicles in Hamburg: small cars, compact cars & vans in multiple sizes. 

☝️ We are also at the Hamburg Airport – without extra costs for starting and parking there!

You can find our business area directly in the app.



We offer different types of vehicles in Munich: small cars, compact cars & vans in multiple sizes.

☝️ We are also at the MUC airport - without extra costs!

You can find our business area directly in the app.

Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn & Duisburg


Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn und Duisburg belong to one business area. Here you can rent and park our vans flexibly on public parking lots – without a parking ticket. We offer vans in different sizes, which you can book 24/7 via the MILES app.

☝️ No pick-up station, no deposit, just the app.

Commute between the cities with MILES: You can start your rental in Cologne and end it in Dusseldorf and vice versa or driving from Bonn to Cologne. Whatever – the four cities are sharing the same fleet and business area.

You can find our business area directly in the app.


What does MILES cost?


Our prices at a glance:

+ 0€ registration fee + 5€ starter bonus

+ Rent cars from 0,89€/km - vans from 1,19€

+ 1€ Unlock Fee per rent

+ 15 minutes free reservation (0,09€/min afterwards)

+ Parking for 0,29€/min.
Parking is included in the 6h rate and the daily rates

+ No extra airport fee (valid for Berlin, Hamburg & Munich)

Can I sign up for free?


Signing up with our MILEShello5 rate is free and you get 5€ starter bonus on top! 😎

More discounted credits wanted? You can choose between three different sign up rates:

5€ starter bonus, pay 0€.

25€ starter bonus, pay only 15€.

100€ starter bonus, pay only 50€.

You can sign-up quickly in the app (download in iOS or Android).

To use MILES you must be at least 18 years old and must have a driving license accepted by MILES. Also beginners ("Rookies") can use our service from day 1.

To be ready for the sign up process, please prepare your id card, driver's license and payment method details – you can either choose between credit card or PayPal.

Follow the instructions and be ready to start driving in just a few minutes. 😎

Where can I find the business area?


In the App! ✌️

After you've logged in, the app will automatically show the city you're currently in.

If you zoom out a little, you will see a black border on the map. The business area is located within this border. In this area, you can drive and park with MILES at any time. You can also park your vehicle in any public parking spaces - no parking ticket necessary!

Can I drive to another city?


Yes. You can always drive out of the business area to other cities, out into the countryside or wherever but you must bring the car back to the same city where you started from to end your trip. Outside of our business area you can only park your vehicle for a stopover (pause). Here you bear the costs for extra parking fees.

Rhineland: You can drive between Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bonn and Duisburg and end your trips in all 4 cities as well.

Berlin & Potsdam: You can also drive between and end your trips in Berlin and Potsdam. They are part of the same business area.

An intercity fee will not apply.

☝️ Use our reduced daily rates for longer trips. Within Germany parking minutes, fuel & insurance are included in this rate.

Can I travel mit MILES to another country?


Yes, you can travel abroad with any MILES vehicle available in your city. 🤙
Here you find the list of countries, where you are allowed to travel to.

For leaving the country we charge a boarder crossing surcharge of 5€ per day/rental (capped at max. 25€/rental). Your rental can only be terminated within the business area of the MILES City where you started from.

You bear the costs for highway tolls, vignette stickers, parking fees and fuelling, and you can only end the trip back the business area of the MILES City where you started from.

Click here to find more information about "Abroad with MILES".