We offer a great extra feature for all frequent MILES drivers and money-savers: the MILES Pass

Why use the MILES Pass?

With the MILES Pass we offer you an additional way to save on your MILES rides. Start with the MILES Pass & benefit immediately with discounted ride costs, discounts on daily rates and extra benefits. No must. No risk.

  • € iconSave on every ride.

    Whether car or van: with a Pass each ride will be cheaper effective immediately.

  • Extra Benefits iconExtra benefits.

    Get extra reservation time, free parking minutes and more with Platin.

  • no risk iconNo risk. Cancel anytime.

    Upgrade, downgrade or unsubscribe at any time easily via the app.

Choose your MILES Pass:

  • Best choice

    for MILES regulars.

    SILVER 🚀Always save 10%
    Save 10% on every ride!
    • icon

      10% on regular km rates

    • icon

      10% on reservation time

      0.09€ 0.08€

    • icon

      10% on Unlock Fee

      1€ 0.90€

    • icon

      10% on parking minutes

      0.29€ 0.26€

    • icon

      10% on daily rates

    • icon

      10% on extra km during daily rates

    + extra benefits:

    • icon

      50% on cross country surcharge max. 12,50€/rental (instead of 25€)

      5€ 2.50€/day

    Start with Silver

    Monthly Pass. You can upgrade to the Platinum Pass at any time or cancel the active MILES Pass completely - zero risk.

  • Super popular for

    MILES power users!

    PLATINUM 🏆Save up to 25%+ 4 extra benefits
    Save even more: up to 25% & extra benefits!
    • icon

      25% on standard km rate

    • icon

      25% on reservation time

      0.09€ 0.07€

    • icon

      25% on Unlock Fee

      1€ 0.75€

    • icon

      25% on parking minutes

      0.29€ 0,22€

    • icon

      15% on daily rates

    • icon

      15% on extra km during daily rates

    + extra benefits:

    • icon

      extra reservation time

      15min 20min

    • icon

      free parking minutes


    • icon

      increased friend referral bonus

      10€ 20€

    • icon

      reduced deductible

      only 200€

    • icon

      no cross country surcharge

      5€/day 0€

    Start with Platinum

    Monthly Pass. You can downgrade to the Silver Pass at any time or cancel the active MILES Pass completely - zero risk.

Get your MILES Pass today and enjoy the benefits starting from your first ride! 🤙

The MILES Pass is valid for both private and business trips. The pass will be renewed automatically every month unless you unsubscribe or apply an upgrade/downgrade. The MILES Pass cannot be paid with regular top ups or credit. Existing credit will continue to be offset against your rides, though. Any fees (charges & penalties), as well as our Rookie Fee (applicable to young drivers) and already reduced km prices are excluded from the pass benefits. All information and conditions can be found in our t&c.

Important details at a glance:

Who can profit from the MILES Pass?


How long is the MILES Pass valid?


Can I use MILES without this pass?


How do I know how much I am saving?


To which vehicles do the Pass discounts apply?


Can I upgrade, downgrade or unsubscribe easily?


Are there special conditions for Rookies?


All details about the pass and the terms of use can be found here in our FAQ.


Save on every ride.